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2019 AQUATECH CHINA (Shanghai)

Release time:2019-06-15

    AQUATECH CHINA is the biggest water treatment exhibition ,Spring Water participated this annual event.


    It is reported that since its inception, AQUATECH CHINA has always keep the traditional municipal and industrial water treatment with environmental comprehensive management and wisdom and environmental protection. And fully demonstrate the blueprint for a better life under the new era of intelligent technology, while Spring Water as a water treatment of the public drinking water industry.



    Spring Water is the famous brand in the public drinking water industry. Since its inception, it has been thinking about the industry and constantly choosing. It has brought 9 majors to K12 educational equipment, universities, enterprises, hospitals and outdoor scenes at AQUATECH CHINA. In response to the needs of on-site consulting customers, the staff conducted more professional solutions to explain, corresponding to different scenarios, Spring Water is working on a main product establishment program system.



    The beautiful shape of Spring Water goods has also attracted the attention of  foreign businessmen. Customers in Southeast ,Europe, the United States and America have deeply understood the technical characteristics of the equipment.