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History of honor

  • Since 2007

    Guangdong Spring Water Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  located in Shunde district  Foshan city Guangdong Province.

  • 2012

    Guangdong Spring Water Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  as a national A-level trustworthy enterprise

    China Quality Credit Enterprise

    HC Network organizes the quality of public drinking water equipment suppliers selected by netizens.

  • 2013

    SPRING WATER became the CCTV broadcast brand, and the brand promotional film was registered in CCTV 3 sets and 7 sets;

    Engaged experts from the Environmental Research Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Lingbo, director of the Pacific Rim Environmental and Health Society, and engineers of the State Council Science and Technology Bureau, and many other technologies such as Guangzhou, Foshan, and the National Machinery Committee.

    Product Improvement Bonus Zuyi two experts, respectively as the chief consultant of health and technology.

    Screenshots of CCTV 3

  • The 2014 development

    SPRING WATER became the winning brand of drinking water equipment at the APEC summit venue;

    The factory plant expanded for the first time, productions capacity was doubled, and introduced precision production management. It cooperated with Zhanjiang Training College and Central South University to develop production, research and production.

    Guangdong High-tech Product Certificate (Shenzhen Century Fengyuan)

  • 2015

    SPRING WATER became the sole partner of drinking water equipment for the 53rd World Table Tennis Championships;

    Won the director unit of the Water Purification Equipment Professional Committee of China Quality Inspection Association;

    Won the 2015 China Water Purification Industry Gold Ding Award (National Best-selling Product Brand Award);

    Was rated as a contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise in Guangdong Province;

    Was named as the vice president unit of the first council of Guangdong Water Purification Industry Association;

    We were held the National University Investment Forum, all employees went to the Shenzhen company Baoneng Science, Technology Park R&D and Operation Center to celebrate the company's fifth anniversary.

    Publicity Certificate of Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises in Guangdong Province

    Certificate of the Only Partner of Drinking Water Equipment in World Table Tennis Championships

    Director Unit of Water Purification Equipment Professional Committee of China Quality Inspection Association

  • 2016

    Guangdong Spring Water Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was selected as a national high-tech enterprise and became the first public water industry to obtain dual-national high-tech enterprises;

    Won the Shunde High-tech Enterprise Association member unit, Shunde High-tech Industry Creative Contribution Enterprise Award;

    Won the National Health Association Professional Drinking Water Professional Committee;

    The morning dawn student aid program was launched, and the towns and villages under the jurisdiction of Xinshao County, Hunan Province were visited, and a total of 83 students were granted scholarships;

    The second expansion of the Shunde plant, the area of over 10,000 square meters, monthly production of more than 6,000 public drinking water equipment, the output value of more than 300 million;

    State-level High-tech Enterprises (Century Fengyuan, Guangdong)

    Century Fengyuan Organizations Morning Sunrise Student Assistance Program

    Shunde High-tech Industry Creative Contribution Enterprise Award

  • 2017

    SPRING WATER became the first batch of “recommended pilot units for drinking water equipment into the campus”. This honor was selected and recommended by the China Quality Inspection Association Water Purification Equipment Committee;

    Our campus water dispenser series were released at the 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition without biliary drinking water equipment;

    13 industry key enterprises such as United Standards Association and Midea,won the China 3A-level credit enterprise;

    Continued the morning dawn student program and visited more than 30 poor students.

    First batch of recommended pilot units for drinking water equipment entering campus

    China's 3A Credit Enterprises

  • The 2018 Networking Era

    SPRING WATER was selected as the leader of the "Collective Solution for Campus Direct Drinking Water Project" of China Quality Certification Center (CQC).

    The new water media sharing platform was released online;

    Successfully covered passenger drinking water points in the 95% highway service area of Guangdong Province;

    Won the title of "Best Health Industry Enterprise" in the Fourth National Hospital Logistics Reform and Development Conference;

    Won the title of "Outstanding Enterprise of Health Industry Innovation and Development" in the Fourth National Hospital Logistics Reform and Development Conference.

    Team Leader Unit of Research and Application of Campus Direct Drinking Water Project Evaluation Technology

    Best Health Industry Enterprise Certificate

    On-line Press Conference of Shuixia New Media Sharing Platform in 2018

  • 2019

    SPRING WATER new product line was fully listed in January;

    SPRING WATER 42 employees were awarded the Water Quality Engineer Qualification Certificate, which was issued by the Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security;

    Qualification Certificate of Water Quality Engineer

    Group photo of our water quality engineer training